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Kitchen Towels are functional and eye-catching are perfect for hotels, motels, resorts, cruiselines, time shares, bars, vacation hideaways & restaurants . Fold-over edging provides a nice accent and increases the durability of the towels.

These towels are ideal for cleaning up messes, drying dishes and a multitude of other kitchen tasks. The solid checked makes differed with other towels. For variety of excellent products for you, you've come to the right place it's HY Supplies Inc.

Product Details

Prod ID Prod Desc Prod Size
HFHKT001 100% Cotton Herringbone Kitchen Towels 15x26 - 21 oz
HFHKT002 100% Cotton Herringbone Kitchen Towels 15x26 - 22 oz
HFLLC001 100% Cotton Lint Free Kitchen Towels 16x26 - 1.60#/Dz

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